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"Partnering for sustainable mutual benefits"

Our services include:

Business Entrepreneurial development through:
1.   Introduction to Local and International facilities for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
2.    Trade Promotion.
3.    Participation in International Trade Fair.
4.    Joining Trade delegations or Missions to Foreign Countries.
5.    Trade Enquiries.

The activities of the NVCC&I are carried out through various trade groups that cover all sectors of the economy. The following are the trade groups of the Chamber.
a.         Agriculture and Non-Oil Group
b.         Financial Service Group
c.         Construction & Engineering Service Group
d.         Industrial Trade Group
e.         Information Technology and Telecommunication Group
f.          Petroleum and Energy Group
g.         Professional Practice Group
h.         Small and Medium Enterprise and Distributive Group
i.          Transportation Group (Maritime & Aviation)
j.          Pharmaceutical / Food & Processing

The economic benefits of being a member are:

Increase in Sales Opportunities through:
1.         Increased Network and Contacts.
2.         Member referral service.
3.         NVCC&I partnership with other business organizations.
4.         Trade Group meetings.
5.         Business forum attendance.

Reduced Cost of doing business through access to:
1.         Current and reliable information.
2.         Training and workshops relevant to the needs of your organization.
3.         Business consulting services.
4.         Manpower development.

Increase in Global Outreach through:
1.         International Exposure.
2.         Worldwide Publicity.
3          Membership Directory and Advertisement in Newsletter and our Website.

Cordial Relationship with Government through:
1.         Lobbying government for business interest.
2.         Presentation of local opinion on commercial and industrial matters.
3.         Lobbying efforts at Federal, State and Local Government levels.

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